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ClearSPA Natural Luxury Skin Care Minerals

Natures answer to maintaining your healthy, youthful complexion in a challenging modern day environment.


No fancy packaging, trade mark price hiking, expensive advertising or other associated costs.

No wild claims of instant weight loss, wrinkle vanishing tricks or the perfect complexion.

Just 100% pure natural minerals - Do YOUR research, make YOUR choice.

FREE from animal testing, perfumes, dyes, or additives of any kind.


ClearSPA Natural Luxury Skin Care Minerals have been cosmetically formulated by blending precise quantities of our finest quality natural mineral powders. We have specially selected our minerals for their individually unique natural properties before creating our recipes accordingly. ClearSPA Natural Minerals are distributed to the Spa and Cosmetics industries worldwide.


Exfoli8 Mineral Scrub Powder is our luxury skin preperation, exfoliation and detoxification treatment blended from top quality exfoliating & detoxifying natural minerals. Use as a pre-treatment cleanser prior to application of Rejuven8 clay masque and as a general facial scrub. The powerful exfoliating, detoxifying and mycotoxin** absorbing properties of the minerals within Exfoli8 work on a cellular level removing harmful chemicals and bacteria. Boasting some amazing healing and detoxifying qualities, Exfoli8 helps to promote and maintain a naturally healthy and youthful complextion.


**A mycotoxin (from Greek μύκης (mykes, mukos) "fungus" and τοξικόν (toxikon) "poison") is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and animals.


Rejuven8 Mineral Clay Powder is our luxury clay masque blended from powerful skin conditioning and rejuvenating/healing clay powders. When mixed with water and used as a 'Beautifying Facepack' it draws out unwanted bacteria and toxins leaving your face feeling smooth, refreshed and revitalised. Successfully applied as an Acne, Rosacea and blemish treatment. Instantly cools 'angry' skin and relieves the symptoms of 'prickly heat' and other painful disorders.


Elimin8 Mineral Clay Powder is our luxury body wrap clay blended from the highest purity natural toning and blemish reducing clay powders. It is widely distributed for use as a top quality slimming, toning and detoxifying body wrap clay to selective Spa treatment centers. It is also mixed with lemon juice and applied as a natural skin bleaching and lightening agent.



One *FREE ClearSPA sample available when you purchase any full priced item from our range. *Add to cart along with any full priced item from our ClearSPA, ClearMED or ClearPET Ranges. 1 FREE sample per full priced item purchased up to a maximum of 3 samples.




"The ClearSPA range of products are undeniably unique, luxurious and deserving of every award on this planet!".


Sebastian Laurent

ClearSPA Natural Luxury Skin Care Range


All of our cosmetic mineral blends come packaged as a dry mineral powder and will require hydrating prior to use.


Instructions for the hydrating of Rejuven8 and Elimin8 mineral clay treatments - Boil some water and allow to cool. Add the water to the mineral powder a little at a time, mixing to your desired consistency. Stand for 30 minutes to allow the powder to absorb the water. Add more water if required and stand for a further 30 minutes. Repeat the process if necessary.


Instructions for the application of Rejuven8 and Elimin8 mineral clay treatments - Prior to application it is recommended that you conduct a small test area of approximately 1 square inch on the underside of your arm to check for any allergies or undesired reactions. Being aware not to use on any areas of broken skin apply, allow to dry and then rinse clean.


Instructions for the use of Exfoli8 zeolitic mineral treatment - Place approximately 1 teaspoon of Exfoli8 powder in the palm of your hand and add around the same of water to create a wet paste. Take a swab of cotton wool and work the desired area in circular motions for a few minutes gently cleansing. Allow to dry and then rinse with clean cold water.



Our Guarantee to you ...


We are so confident in the quality, blend and results of our products that we offer a full no quibbles lifetime refund policy.

Should you ever feel the need you are welcome to return your order at any time for a no questions asked full refund.

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