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Zeolite Detox & Body Alkalization

How Does Zeolite Work?

Natural clinoptilolite zeolite is an arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra.  On a microscopic level it has a 3-dimensional honeycomb-shaped crystalline structure that maintains a negative magnetic charge, which acts like a "cage", drawing in and capturing positively charged toxins in the bloodstream, tissues and gastrointestinal tract.

It is believed that approximately 40% of clinoptilolite binds to toxins in the gut, with the other 60% pulling out toxins in the blood and cellular matter.  These harmful materials are then safely encapsulated within the zeolite molecule and removed from the body via the urine and the stools, usually within 6-8 hours after consuming.

Our Zeolite is an  EU Approved Animal Feed Grade Product from extremely clean deposits. It is 95% pure clinoptilolite with a very high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity - 'Pulling Power') rating.

What is Zeolite Micronization?

All zeolites start out as powders that can be further processed to clean them and/or shrink their particle size.  Some remain as powders and some are formulated as liquids with other ingredients like fulvic minerals, magnesium and aloe vera to aid in the detoxification process.

Our Zeolite is 100% pure with no added ingredients. We believe that should you require added magnesium or other minerals then you will probably prefer to take them separately. This way you are in control over the dosage rates of these added ingredients. It also ensures that the Zeolite does not 'pull' any added ingredients into its zeolitic chambers, possibly reducing its effectiveness.

Zeolite particles are often "micronized" to reduce their average size to between .5 - 8 microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm).  The idea being, the smaller they are the more overall surface area will be exposed which thus increases the amount of toxic substances that can be absorbed and locked within them.  Additionally, the smaller the particles are, the more easily and efficiently they can move through the digestive tract.

We offer various particle sizes of Zeolite powder including less than 300, 100, 40 and 25 micron. It is worth noting that all of our Zeolite powders will contain particle sizes ranging from .5 microns up to their maximum advertised micron size. Our 300 micron Zeolite contains particles sizes from .5 - 300 micron with 75% being less than 100 microns.

Some brands also "clean" the cages, also called "activated" zeolite, by heating them in a slightly acidic solution to crack the molecule and remove any possible toxins.  However, there is a bit of a controversy about whether or not this processing technique actually degrades the quality and if it is even necessary.  Liquid zeolite manufacturers who clean their zeolite often argue that less quantity is needed for optimal results.

Rather than 'activating' our Zeolite and potentially damaging it, here at ClearOFF Organic we prefer to use an extremely clean and 100% natural Animal Feed Grade Zeolite. There are no guarantees that an 'activated' Zeolite originated from 'clean' deposits, and may well contain more pollutants than a natural un-processed Zeolite obtained from 'clean' deposits.