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ZEORocks™ Odour Absorbing Mineral Rocks 4x 454g

ZEORocks™ Odour Absorbing Mineral Rocks 4x 454g


Grip seal bag containing 4x 454g bags of ClearOFF ZEORocks™ Odour Absorbing Mineral Rocks. Our FAVOURITE All-Round Household Mineral.

Before we get into the heavy science behind zeolite rocks or ZEORocks™, let’s take a minute to appreciate them for what they are. Rocks. Rocks that can clean, deodorize and absorb unwanted moisture, smalls bacteria and more. While most rocks are strictly for outdoor enjoyment, ZEORocks™ should be welcomed into your home with open arms.

There are so many commercial deodorizers on the market that actually just mask odours and cover up nasty smells with something stronger. This all natural, totally safe method for cleaning the air deals with the smell and absorbs it. Plus, they’re reusable, so once you buy them, you’re set forever.

How To Recharge Zeolite Rocks
Okay, so they’re not batteries, but they are completely reusable pretty much forever if you take proper care of them. The amount of time you can go between charges depends on the severity of the smell that zeolite is absorbing. If it just a general odour that’s not very potent or stubborn, you can use your zeolite without recharging for up to 3 months. If the situation is severe, or you notice your rocks losing some of their power, recharge as often as needed. To recharge zeolite, simply set it on a tray outside for a few days in the fresh air and sunshine and allow it to release all the nasty gasses and odors that it took in. Keep in direct sunlight as long as possible.

All that is fine and dandy, but what causes these strange rocks to work their magic? As it turns out, it’s not magic at all, but science. They are micro porous, aluminosilicate minerals that are already in many of our household products including cat litter and laundry detergent.

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    8 Reasons To Place ZEORocks™ Around Your Home

    Pet Smells
    The cat litter box is one of those areas where it’s impossible to find something that masks the overpowering odour of cat urine. While you may be resigned to using copious amounts of air freshener and fragrance candles, ZEORocks™ are a better alternative. Placing an open dish of ZEORocks™ close to the source can help absorb and dispel that nasty funk.

    Trash Can Foulness
    Place a handful of ZEORocks™ in the bottom of the bin before you put in the bag. This will help trap odours and moisture that create the stinky stale smell filling your kitchen.

    Lingering Cigarette Stink
    The stench of cigarettes can be one of the hardest smells to remove from upholstery and carpet. Simply place a bowl or mesh bag of ZEORocks™ in the room and voila! The odour will vanish.

    Musty Odours
    The musty smell that your attic, basement or rubbish adopts after going unventilated for some time is hard to shake entirely, but ZEORocks™ can cut back on some of the odour.

    Shoe Stench
    Strategically place ZEORocks™ around your shoe basket/closet. Another method is to put a few rocks in a small mesh bag or old sock and store inside of your shoes when you’re not wearing them.

    Long Lasting Fruit
    Mix a handful of ZEORocks™ in with your apples and oranges. These rocks can help to absorb some of the gasses that hasten ripening and fruit decay.

    Fridge Deodoriser
    Your refrigerator is likely a fertile breeding ground for microscopic moulds and bacteria. ZEORocks absorb these nasty smells, moulds and harmful bacteria helping maintain a fresh smelling fridge that contains untainted, safe to consume food.

    Car/Caravan/Motorhome/Boat Deodoriser
    Place a container or mesh bag containing ZEORocks™ under your car seat, in your caravan cupboards or boat lockers to remove unwanted smells and help prevent damp.
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