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ZEOFusion™ Detoxifying & Anti-Ageing SHOWER HEAD

ZEOFusion™ Detoxifying & Anti-Ageing SHOWER HEAD

£34.95 Regular Price
£29.95Sale Price
ZEOFusion™ Detoxifying & Anti-Aging Mineral Infused SHOWER HEAD.

30% water saving shower head with laser drilled stainless steel jet plate & 3 Hydrotherapy power settings (Massage, Rain & Mist).

2 separate refillable mineral chambers containing ZEORocks™, a naturally occurring Zeolite with some amazing health benefits. Comes pre-filled with 100g of ZEORocks™ and includes a 100g Refill Bag.
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    ZEOFusion™ Detoxifying & Anti-Ageing Mineral Infused SHOWER HEAD.

    Despite so many of our best efforts, it's nearly impossible to live a totally and completely clean life. Toxins and pollutants find ways to sneak into our skin and bodies, so it's crucial to find a safe, natural way to detox them right back out again. That's where Zeolite comes in.

    Zeolite is a master of detoxification. It has an extraordinary ability to absorb, hold, release, and exchange different chemicals, nutrients, toxins, and ions according to need in your body. Much like activated charcoal, it helps to draw out impurities in your skin and is even being studied as a way to reduce and stop the growth of skin cancer in dogs through topical application. Zeolite is unique in that its honeycomb, micro porous cellular structure is one of nature's few negatively charged minerals, which means it's able to attract positively charged contaminants. Inside these negatively charged honeycomb "cages," healthful minerals such as potassium can be found. Zeolite swaps its healthful, negatively charged minerals for any positively charged contaminants on or in your body. Basically, it takes away the bad stuff by replacing it with good stuff.

    Now you can bath yourself with Zeolite infused water every time you take a shower!
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