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URPril™ 46-0-0 Nitrogen Fertiliser 800g

URPril™ 46-0-0 Nitrogen Fertiliser 800g

Grip seal bag containing 800g of URPril™ 46-0-0 Nitrogen Fertiliser.

Nitrogen deficient Lawn & Shrub treatment. Nitrogen boost for greener, stronger and healthier plants.

Please see our Mineral Information pages for more detailed information such as uses, benefits, dosage rates, safety and technical data sheets.
  • Details

    URPril™ 46-0-0 Nitrogen Fertiliser (Slow Release - Water Soluble)

    URPril™ is highly soluble and can be applied as a liquid fertiliser as well as in solid prill form.

    Apply URPril™ at 15 to 30g/m² either as a solid top dressing. As a solution apply 5 to 10g/m². At this rate 1Kg will fertilise an area 200m²

    Product Description
    URPril™ is a small diameter, spherical white solid. It is an organic amide molecule containing 46% nitrogen in the form of amine groups.

    URPril™ is infinitely soluble in water and is suitable for use as an agricultural, forestry, and general grass fertilizer as well as for industrial applications which require a high quality nitrogen source. It is not a poison to mammals or birds and is a benign and safe chemical to handle.

    Application Recommendations
    • URPril™ is used as a slow release fertilizer. It must be decomposed by microorganisms before it can be assimilated by plants.
    • ALWAYS exercise caution when using this chemical as fertilizer because it has the highest nitrogen content of any solid.

    Transportation, Storage and Handling.
    • URPril™ will decompose into ammonia and carbon dioxide at 275oF. ALWAYS wash vessels containing UREA thoroughly before attempting repairs requiring welding.
    • URPril™ must never be allowed to come into contact with nitric acid. The resulting chemical is unstable and hazardous.
    • URPril™ is an EU Approved Animal Feed Grade Product

    Total Nitrogen Analysis
    % minimum (guaranteed) 46.0
    Water % by weight 0.2
    Biuret % by weight 0.4 - 0.5
    pH % by weight 8.5 – 9.5
    Bulk Density lbs/cubic foot 46
    Fertilizer Nutrient Designation 46-0-0
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