Little Accident™ Pet Mishap Powder 25Kg

25Kg TRADE SACK of ClearOFF Little Accident™ Pet Mishap Powder. Make Pet Urine & Poop Smells Vanish! Deter from re-offending.

Pets are often a loving addition to the home, but sometimes even the best-behaved pet can mess up carpets, rugs and furnishings. Although we try our best to train our animals, kittens and puppies can have accidents, as well as poorly or elderly cats and dogs.

Stains from cat urine and dog urine are problematic for two reasons: firstly, they contain germs and bacteria that can cause illness; and secondly, the presence of ammonia makes for a lingering smell, even after the area has been thoroughly washed.

Little Accident Pet Powder removes pet urine odours from carpets for good by absorbing the ammonia which causes the smell. Our natural mineral formula also boasts anti-bacterial and germ destroying properties to help maintain a healthy and clean environment.

•100% Natural Ingredients
•Environmentally Friendly
•Pet & Child Safe
•Simple & Easy to Use
•Effective Deodorisation
•Deters Re-offending
•Suitable for Carpets, Rugs & Floors

50g of Little Accident™ Pet Mishap Powder is enough to treat the average size mishap
  • Details

    Pet urine & excrement smell – and, for that matter, any other similar smell – is never pleasant. You’ll always need to use pet odour eliminator after cleaning these types of stains.

    For a quick, natural, ecological and effective solution, sprinkle the cleaned dry stain with Little Accident™ Pet Mishap Powder. Make sure you sprinkle liberally to ensure every part of the stain is covered.

    Leave Little Accident Pet Powder on the stain for a few hours – preferably overnight. Simply vacuum in the morning and the smell will be gone. This product works by breaking down the crystalline structure of the offending article and absorbing the smells, removing them from the carpet for good.

    50g of Little Accident™ Pet Mishap Powder is enough to treat the average size mishap


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