DiatominAF™ Animal Pest & Feed Grade DE 800g

DiatominAF™ Animal Pest & Feed Grade DE 800g

Grip seal bag containing 800g of DiatominAF™ - Animal Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Livestock uses include:
Mite, Louse, Larvae, Flea, Tick and general external parasite killer including... Poultry Red Mite, Equestrian Stable Mite, Mange, etc.

Internally as an intestinal parasite killer and shield. Added to feed at a rate of 2-5% acts as a bowel and colon cleanser/scourer increasing digestive efficiency and thus resulting in lower feed bills and healthier livestock.

Use externally as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder to treat hoof thrush and variety of other ailments.
Aids in the healing of cuts and wounds and sores.

Agricultural uses include:
Natural pesticide.
Crawling insect barrier.
Soil conditioner.

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