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Diatomaceous Earth 800g Animal Feed Grade

Diatomaceous Earth 800g Animal Feed Grade

Grip seal bag containing 800g of Animal Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Fossil Shell Flour
Amorphous Silica

Our Diatomaceous Earth is selected for its purity, mineral composition and powerful physical properties. Being pure ANIMAL FEED GRADE our product is 100% free from added chemicals, emulsifiers or bulking agents.

Please see our Mineral Information pages for more detailed information such as uses, benefits, dosage rates, safety and technical data sheets.
  • Details

    Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% natural mineral free from any harsh chemicals. Used for literally hundreds of diverse applications from grain storage to filter medium, intestinal wormer to natural insecticide. Diatomaceous Earth has been used to treat the body both internally and externally by indigenous cultures since before recorded history due to its natural healing and detoxifying qualities.

    Please see our Human Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from Mexican fresh water sources should you be considering consuming DE.

    Origin: Denmark
    Grade: Animal Feed Grade (EU Approved*)
    *E 551 is permitted for use in animal feed for all livestock categories and all feeding stuffs, without any restrictions on use, by Commission Regulation (EC) No 2439/1999

    Typical Specifications.
    Bulk Density 220 – 270 g/
    Moisture 3 – 6%
    Absorption Capacity (water) 160 – 180% (v/w) (modified BASF method)
    Sieve Analysis > 45um 20% max
    > 63um 16% max
    > 90um 10% max
    > 250um 3% max

    Typical Chemical Analysis.
    SiO2 68%
    Al2O3 9%
    Fe2O3 6%
    MgO 1%
    CaO 1%
    K2O + Na2O 2%

    Typical Physical Properties.
    pH (10% aq. suspension) 4.5
    Specific weight 2.3
    Loss on Ignition 8%
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