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Diatomaceous Earth 594kg Human Food Grade (Mexico)

Diatomaceous Earth 594kg Human Food Grade (Mexico)

1 pallet containing 33x 18kg (594kg) of Human Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. 

Fossil Shell Flour
Amorphous Silica

High grade Mexican freshwater deposits. Finely milled, soft flour like texture of less than 40 microns.

Please see our Mineral Information pages for more detailed information such as uses, benefits, dosage rates, safety and technical data sheets.
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    Product Description:
    Our Mexican DE is a Food Chemicals Codex Grade product. It is an extremely finely milled, high purity Diatomaceous Earth from a Mexican fresh water source. Mexican DE is of the highest quality. Mined from one of the worlds purest freshwater deposits. It is also very light and fluffy. It is a free-flowing pure white powder rich in non-crystalline silica and low in aluminium, iron and other metals.

    Being 100% HUMAN FOOD GRADE our product is free from added chemicals, emulsifiers or bulking agents, selected for its high purity, mineral composition and powerful physical properties. With a soft flour like texture, it is equally good as a mineral supplement and intestinal cleanser as it is a detoxifying agent.

    Origin: Mexico (Fresh Water Sources)
    Grade: Human Food Grade (CODEX Approved*)
    *E 551 regarding regulation (EU) 231/2012, specifications for food additives regarding (EG) 1333/2008 Annex II and III.

    Typical Chemical Analysis.
    SiO2 93.0%
    Al2O3 2.0%
    Fe2O3 1.0%
    CaO 0.3%
    Na2O + K2O 2.5%
    MgO 0.5%
    TiO2 0.2%
    P2O5 0.1%

    Typical Physical Properties.
    Moisture 3.0%
    Oil Absorption 220%
    325 Mesh Screen Residue 1.0%
    pH (10% in water) 8.0

    Heavy Metal Analysis.
    Arsenic (As) Maximum 10ppm
    Lead (Pb) Maximum 10ppm
    Physical Properties
    Loss on Drying Maximum 10.0%
    Loss on Ignition Maximum 7.0%
    Non-Siliceous Substances Maximum 25.0% (dry basis)
    pH Passes test
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