DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder 1600g


Grip seal bag containing 1600g of ClearOFF DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder. Our Best Selling Multi-purpose pet product.


Product Description:

ClearOFF DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder is specially selected for its powerful parasite eliminating and internal conditioning properties.ClearOFF DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder is 100% natural, free from added chemicals, emulsifiers or bulking agents. Safe to use around the home, children and pets.


With a soft flour like texture, it is equally good as an External and Internal Parasite Killer as it is a Mineral Feed Additive (Trace Minerals) and Internal Conditioner.


Working by physical rather than chemical action the parasites being targeted do not build up a resistance to ClearOFF DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder.


Used by ourselves on our chickens, geese, miniature horses, dogs and cats we fully recommend it as an effective alternative to other highly priced and environmentally unfriendly products.

  • Details

    As an EXTERNAL PARASITE KILLER & SHIELD by applying directly to your pet and/or their bedding and general living area. Use a brush and gently groom into your pets fur once a week for a minimum of 4 weeks until clear of parasites. ClearOFF DEPet Mineral Powder does not degrade with time and therefor continues to work while it remains in the environment.


    As an INTERNAL PARASITE SHIELD add to feed at a rate of 5% for a minimum of 60 days (the lifecycle of many intestinal parasites). So for every 100g of feed you need to add just 5g (approximately a teaspoon) of ClearOFF DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder. Many owners choose to feed continually at a half dose rate to help prevent re-infestation and for its other natural health benefits.


    As a MINERAL FEED ADDITIVE add to feed at a rate of 2% two to three times a week. A source of essential trace minerals. Claims include - Increases digestive efficiency thus reducing feeding costs. Reduced stress, reduced fly hatch, increase in bone density and generally provides for healthier, happier pets. Reduces the risk of re-infection from internal parasites.


    You cannot overdose your pets on ClearOFF DEPet™ Natural Mineral Powder.


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