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ClearOFF™ Bottle Refil Rocks (Small Rocks) 200g

ClearOFF™ Bottle Refil Rocks (Small Rocks) 200g


Grip seal bag containing 200g of ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn Bottle Refil Rocks. Top Selling Product.

Product Description:
ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn rocks are added to pets water for the ongoing prevention of pet urine burn on prized grass lawns.


  • 100% Natural mineral product
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Add to your ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn Infusion Bottle


Instructions for Use:

1. Rinse 100g of ClearOFF™ rocks with cold water and then add to the inner chamber of your ClearOFF™ Pet Water Infusion Bottle.

2. Fill the bottle with tap water and wait for 10 hours to activate the ClearOFF™ rocks. Once activated water only needs to be in infused for 2 hours prior to use. However any longer will have no adverse effect.

3. Decant the ClearOFF™ rock infused water into your pets water bowl and refill the ClearOFF™ Infusion Bottle with tap water ready for next use.

4. Replace the ClearOFF™ rocks once every 2 months.


ClearOFF Minerals are a Trading Standards Animal Feed registered business. Trading since 2010.

  • Instructions

    Instructions for Use:Rinse your ClearOFF™ rocks in water prior to use.Add 100g of ClearOFF™ rocks to your ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn Bottle inner infusion chamber and fill with water.Ensure the ClearOFF™ rocks remain submerged.After 10 hours your ClearOFF™ rocks will be fully activated.Replace every 2 months.

  • How ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn rocks work

    Natural Mineral ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn rocks


    "Are there any soil additives or other recommendations to neutralize dog urine so that it doesn’t kill my grass? I am trying to grow grass in a fenced yard where my dog exercises.” – Carrie


    This is one of those topics that abounds with home remedies, old wives’ tales, and myriad commercial products, all claiming to “neutralize” pet urine either in the pet (through dietary supplements), or on the ground (through lawn additives).


    While everything from feeding your pet tomato juice to pouring sugar on the urine spots has been touted to work, the actual success of these remedies is anecdotal at best.



    • Pet’s urine is high in nitrogen. This concentrated nitrogen “burns” your lawn in the same way that too much fertilizer does. That’s why urine spots are often brown in the center, where the contact was greatest, and green around the edges, where the diluted urine acted as a fertilizer.
    • While there’s no real difference in male and female pet urine as far as plants are concerned, female pets often do the most damage to grass since they release their urine all at once in open areas of the yard. Male pets have a tendancy to “mark” trees, shrubs, and fences with small amounts of urine, which results in more dead garden plants.
    • It’s the nitrogen content that damages grass, not the acidity, so products designed to neutralize acid are ineffective.
    • Supplements designed to alter the pH of your pet’s urine not only don’t work, but they can also upset your pet’s biological balance and cause bladder infections. ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn rocks work by a much safer method
    • ClearOFF™ Pet Urine Lawn Burn rocks enable the nitrogen molecules to bond within your pet meaning less nitrogen in their urine and fewer patches on your lawn. It really is that simple.
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