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ClearOFF™ Vindicator Vacuum Kit (5 Gallon)

ClearOFF™ Vindicator Vacuum Kit (5 Gallon)


3 week lead time as of 07/20


The ClearOFF Vindicator is an all natural solution for ridding your favourite plants from a variety of unwelcome pests, safely and successfully.

The ClearOFF Vindicator creates a powerful vacuum which works in tandem with the Vindicator Solution to instantly explode pests, their larvae and eggs on both the plant and in the substrate soil. Treat seedlings, cuttings and plants up to 30cm tall in just 3 minutes.

Spray your plants with our all natural Vindicator Solution and then place into the Vindicator Chamber. Attach the clear acrylic lid and engage the vacuum pump. Wait for 3 minutes before disengaging the pump, releasing the vacuum and removing your pest free plants.

A good proportion of a pest, its larvae and egg is filled with various gases. The Vindicator creates a vacuum which draws out these gases. When the vacuum is released, the Vindicator solution rushes in to fill the cavities left behind by the exiting gases. The pest quickly expands, ruptures and dies.

100% natural physical action with no use of chemical pesticides.
No adverse effects to the plants or soil being treated.
End produce is safe to consume.

Kills Spidermites, Aphids, Greenfly, White Fly, Thrips, Fruit Fly Larvae and more, both on the plant, in the substrate and on the container.

Package List:
Vindicator Chamber - 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber with Composite Rubber Base.
Vindicator Pump - 3 CFM 1/4HP Single Stage Vacuum Pump with Noise Reduction, Oil Viewing Window & Auto Cut-Off.
Vindicator Lid - 3/4" Transparent Bullet-proof Acrylic Lid
Vindicator Seal - Heat Treated Silicone Lid Gasket
Vindicator Pressure Assembly - Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge with Brass Fittings
Vindicator Accessories Kit - Steel Reinforced Tubing with Brass Connection
Vindicator Solution - Makes 5 gallons of solution (enough to treat approximately 500 plants)

Vindicator Chamber Specifications:
Capacity - 5 Gallon (22 Liter)
Internal Dimensions - Height 29.5cm, Diameter 27.7cm

Vindicator Pump Specifications:
Pumping Rate - 3 CFM
Pump Speed - 1720 RPM
Voltage - 220V / 50hz
Oil Capacity - 220mL
Ultimate Vacuum - 5 Pa

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