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ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 70g Powder

ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 70g Powder


ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 70g Powder
Kills Red Spider Mites on contact.

Natural preventative organic formula. Protects against re-infestation. Suitable for use on all edibles.

70g grip seal bag.

  • Details

    ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 70g Powder
    Red Spider Mite (Tetranychus Urticae) Killer & Preventative

    ClearOFF™ Organic Powder contains a super absorbent natural mineral powder. ClearOFF Organic Powder works by physical action, penetrating the epicuticles of Red Spider Mites, causing death by dehydration. Unlike conventional toxic insecticides, the population being targeted will not become chemically resistant to ClearOFF Organic Powder.

    How to use ClearOFF Organic Powder:
    For trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and all other plants.

    Red Spider Mite prevention and control:
    When? Before, during, and after any signs of Red Spider Mite.
    Where? In the garden, greenhouse and general growing environment.
    How? ClearOFF Organic Powder can be used for both control and as a preventative barrier against Red Spider Mite. Add to soil or hydroponics medium as a top dressing at a rate of 100 grams per m2. Dust under potting benches, in greenhouses, on compost heaps and in the growing environment at a rate of 10 grams per 12.5m2. As a soil additive mix directly with the soil at a rate of 5% (50g per 1Kg).

    Tips: Use ClearOFF Organic Powder before and after introduction of any plants to your growing environment. ClearOFF Organic Powder cannot be over applied but too little will not give the results required.

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