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ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 1l Liquid

ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 1l Liquid


ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 1l Liquid

Kills Red Spider Mites on contact. Natural preventative organic formula. Protects against re-infestation. Suitable for use on all edibles.

1 litre with spray bottle.

Shake well before and during use.

  • Details

    ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 1l Liquid
    Red Spider Mite (Tetranychus Urticae) Killer & Preventative

    ClearOFF™ Organic Liquid contains, 100% pure animal grade Diatomacious Earth, a super absorbent mineral formed from the fossilised remains of microscopic diatoms. Diatoms are unicellular algae that populate the seas and lakes of our fragile planet. ClearOFF™ Organic Powder works by physical action, penetrating the epicuticles of Red Spider Mites, causing death by dehydration. Unlike conventional toxic insecticides, the population being targeted will not become chemically resistant to ClearOFF™ Red Spidermite Killer Shield 5l Liquid.

    ClearOFF™ - The Natural Way
    An Environmentally Friendly, 100% Natural, Organic, PH Neutral & Chemical FREE alternative to conventional insecticides.

    Non Toxic - Safe for people, pets & other warm blooded mammals.

    Odourless, stainless powder with anti-fungal properties and an indefinite shelf life.

    Use for control of Red Spider Mite, their eggs and as a soil additive.

    Treat entire growing areas before introduction of plants.

    Acts as a physical barrier against infestation until eroded or washed away.

    Does not degrade with time so remains active while in the environment.

    When used as a General Soil Additive it improves water retention, capillary action, root growth, disease resistance, vigour and yield. Provides up to 15 trace minerals including silicon, iron, manganese, magnesium, potasium, phosphorus, and silicon for healthier, stronger plants.

    How to use ClearOFF™ Organic Liquid:
    For trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and all other plants.

    Red Spider Mite prevention and control:
    When? Before, during, and after any signs of Red Spider Mite.
    Where? In the garden, greenhouse and general growing environment.
    How? ClearOFF™ Organic Liquid can be used for both control and as a preventative barrier against Red Spider Mite. Shake well before use and agitate as spraying. Cover entire plants.

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