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CBWrap™ Natural Mineral Body Clay 1600g

CBWrap™ Natural Mineral Body Clay 1600g

Grip seal bag containing 1600g of CBWrap™ Natural Mineral Body Clay Powder. 100% Dermatologically Tested Bentonite Clay Powder.

Finely milled, soft flour like texture of less than 100 microns.
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    Product Description:
    CBWrap™ Natural Mineral Body Clay is specially selected for its purity, mineral composition and powerful healing and detoxifying properties.

    Being 100% pure Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder, CBWrap™ is free from added chemicals or bulking agents. With a soft flour like texture and rich creamy colour, it is equal in quality to the finest healing clays used by the most exclusive spas and treatment centers worldwide.

    When applied as a bodywrap leaves your skin feeling smooth, healthy, refreshed and revitalised.

    As a BODY Wrap Clay. Add water to powdered clay mixing continually. Wait for 20 minutes as the clay absorbs the water and becomes thicker. Add more water and repeat the process until the desired consistency. Apply to the skin, allow to dry and rinse off with warm water.

    NOTE: We always recommend doing a small test area prior to covering the whole face/body.

    A typical empirical formula for bentonite is:
    (Al, Fe0.67 Mg0.33) Si4O10(OH)2Na,Ca0.33
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