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Calcium Bentonite Powder 900kg Animal Feed Grade

Calcium Bentonite Powder 900kg Animal Feed Grade


1 Pallet containing 36 x 25kg sacks of Animal Feed Grade Calcium Bentonite powdered clay.

Animal Feed Grade
Smectite - Montmorillonite
Hydrated Calcium Aluminium Silicate

Finely milled, soft flour like texture of less than 100 microns.

Please see our Mineral Information pages for more detailed information such as uses, benefits, dosage rates, safety and technical data sheets.

  • Details

    Animal Feed Grade - EU Approved

    Bentonites are hydrated aluminosilicate minerals, comprised chiefly of montmorillonite. Structurally they consist of alumina sheets sandwiched between tetrahedral SiO4 units. Water is usually present between the triple layers.

    Typical Chemical Analysis.
    SiO₂ 47,3%
    Al₂O₃ 12,7%
    Fe₂O₃ 4,3%
    CaO 5,8%
    MgO 11,4%
    Na₂O 1,9%
    K₂O 2,7%
    LOI (1000ºC) 13,3%

    Typical Physical Properties.
    pH 10.5 + 0.5
    Moisture 15% maximum
    Sieve Analysis
    106 microns Max 5% retained
    75 microns 20% retained
    Source: Spain

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