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Calcium Bentonite Powder 800g High Purity

Calcium Bentonite Powder 800g High Purity

Grip seal bag containing 800g of High Purity Calcium Bentonite powdered clay (Montmorillonite). 

Fullers Earth
Smectite - Montmorillonite
Hydrated Calcium Aluminium Silicate

Finely milled, soft flour like texture of less than 100 microns.
  • Details

    Bentonites are hydrated aluminosilicate minerals, comprised chiefly of montmorillonite. Structurally they consist of alumina sheets sandwiched between tetrahedral SiO4 units. Water is usually present between the triple layers.

    Typical Chemical Analysis.
    SiO2 57.74%
    Al2O3 18.23%
    Fe2O3 3.09%
    CaO 1.93%
    MgO 4.19%
    K2O 3.03%
    Na2O 1.72%
    P2O3 0.13%
    TiO2 0.39%
    Mn3O4 0.08%
    V2O5 <0.05%
    Cr2O3 <0.05%

    Typical Physical Properties.
    Bulk Density 800-900 Kg/m3
    pH 6
    Swelling Volume 8 ml/2g
    Moisture 14% maximum
    CEC 85-90 meq/100g
    Sieve Analysis
    150 microns Max 5% retained
    75 microns 15-25% retained
    Source: Spain
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