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SUPaSIL™ Anti-Ageing Mineral Supplement 800g

SUPaSIL™ Anti-Ageing Mineral Supplement 800g

Grip seal bag containing 800g of SUPaSIL™ Anti-Ageing Mineral Supplement.

SUPaSIL Anti-Aging Mineral Supplement is a naturally occurring Amorphous Silica mineral with some amazing beautifying, mineralising and detoxifying qualities.
  • Details

    The mineral silica (Si) is getting more notice for its important functions. Amorphous Silica improves skin elasticity, fur and nail growth.

    A few other more important aspects have been explored lately revolving around silica health benefits. Silica helps ensure collagen elasticity of all connecting tissues in the body, including tendons and cartilage. This reduces aches and pains and maintains flexibility.

    It has also been determined that high levels of blood serum silica keep arterial plaque from building and clogging blood vessels. The main culprit for that plaque has recently shifted from cholesterol build-up to calcification from calcium in the blood that is not absorbed as bone matter. It has been known that silica is an important part of building bone matter. Without it, calcium goes elsewhere to potentially calcify in the soft tissue of inner artery walls and the heart. Silica is vital for keeping strong bones and a healthy cardiovascular system.

    This qualifies silica as an essential anti-aging mineral that is much more than simply skin deep.
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