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ClearOFF™ Minerals Natural Poultry Powder 400g

ClearOFF™ Minerals Natural Poultry Powder 400g


Grip seal bag containing 400g of ClearOFF Minerals Natural Poultry Powder.

EC Approved Animal Feed Grade.


A 100% natural mineral that acts in a physical rather than chemical manner. Internal & External Parasite Shield. Feed Additive & Mineral Supplement.


Please see our Mineral Information pages for more detailed information such as uses, benefits, dosage rates, safety and technical data sheets.

  • Details

    When used externally as a parasite killer: kills mites (chicken red mite, etc) and other soft bodied parasites on contact and continues to act as a preventative shield against future infestations. Add to dust baths and sprinkle in nesting boxes, housing, coops, and the general living area. Apply directly to the birds feathers if possible but not necessary as Red Mites tend to live in the environment and then come out at night to feed. Therefor always cover perches with a layer of dust.

    Use externally as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder to treat scaly leg and variety of other ailments. Aids in the healing of cuts, wounds and sores. Apply the powder to the affected area on a daily basis until clear. Add to dust baths and perches.

    When use internally as an intestinal parasite killer, parasite shield and mineral supplement: Added to feed at a rate of 2-5% acts as a bowel and colon cleanser/scourer increasing digestive efficiency. Supplies a variety of trace minerals giving many benefits. Reduces feed bills and mortality rate by up to 15%.
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